Landscaping Service, Tree Cutting Service, and More!

Like other plants in your backyard, trees need to be cared for regularly. People are tasked to perform maintenance tasks including watering and weeding properly. Trees that are well-cared for grow and flourish without any trouble. Plus, this prevents plant diseases and various pests. If you’re looking for a way to prevent weeds, book our mulching service.

Tree maintenance is unlike any other plant work that you’ve done before. Not everyone has both the time and attention to worry about doing tree work regularly. This is the reason why your trees are prone to diseases and pesky pests. Hiring an arborist is what you must do right away. People in Luray, VA always depend on Rays Tree Service if they want to book a professional tree service.

For more than 23 years, we’ve assisted clients with their tree requirements well. Our company provides professional services for residential and commercial needs.

Tree Trimming

Regular trimming improves the tree’s look and appearance. Whenever you need help with this task, you know which arborist to hire. Our contractors use their skills to trim branches and leaves with great precision. We have the tools to deliver quality results.


Besides tree care, we also provide landscaping services. We have the expertise to handle different types of plant work well. From weeding to lawn mowing, we got you covered in no time at all. We make sure your landscape is always green and healthy.

Snow Removal

Everyone is aware that snow and ice can be hazardous. It is dangerous not only for those working or visiting your business but also for the person doing the snow removal. You can protect yourself from harm by hiring a professional. You would not be lifting a shovel and potentially injuring your back, nor would you be injured by losing your balance.

If you’re going to book a reliable tree cutting service, Rays Tree Service is the company that you should call. Our company caters to clients who are located in Luray, VA and the surrounding areas. We operate 24/7 so your emergency tree needs are done on time. To avail of our special discounts, feel free to contact (540) 244-4082 or visit us here at Luray, VA right now!

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